About us

Birmingham Asian Resource Centre is a front-line community-based, not-for-profit organisation situated in the Handsworth district of Birmingham. The Centre served the needs of the local communities, most of whom are BAME, through the use of their own mother-tongues, with a deep understanding of the religious, cultural and national aspirations of the people it serves. It provides resources and practical help, with a coherent policy of anti-racism, anti-sexism and non-discriminatory practices.

We have become a trusted anchor organisation, supporting many people with welfare benefits, debt as well as housing and support services for the elderly. As the pandemic continues, BAME people will face new and growing challenges on a daily basis. Therefore, it is more important than ever that they are able to access resources to help them manage their well-being in a way that suits their needs.

Aims and objectives

Mission statement

The centre was founded in 1977 with the following Mission Statement, which guides its work to this day:

  • ‘To identify and analyse the cultural and social system placed upon particularly disadvantaged sections of the Asian communities within the neighbourhood and elsewhere, and also to identify their general and specific needs.’
  • ‘To initiate, participate and assist in projects designed to protect their civil and human rights, and to encourage all Asians to reassert their cultural identity, self-confidence and pride.’


The Centre is now a Company Limited by Guarantee, with its objectives defined as follows:

  • The objects of the Centre shall be to relieve poverty and to advance education amongst the inhabitants of the city of Birmingham, and in particular members of the Asian or ethnic minority communities of the said city, who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress.