Welcome to Birmingham Asian Resource Centre

We have relocated to 1st Floor, 149 Lozells Road, Lozells, B19 2TP

Birmingham Asian Resource Centre is a charitable organisation based at 110 Hamstead Road in Handsworth. Established in 1977, we have been providing services to members of the community for over 43 years.

Please note advice sessions are available throughout the week, and are made on an APPOINTMENT BASIS ONLY so you will need to book an appointment if you require advice.


Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, social distancing and safety measures must be taken to ensure the continued health of our staff as well as clients. In line with government guidelines, we have:

  • A one-way traffic system for our walk-in sessions, with a separate entrance and exit.
  • Waiting areas are marked to keep people socially distanced from one another whilst in the premises.
  • Our offices and advice areas are separated and screens will be in place between staff and clients to help further prevent the spread of illness.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided for all who enter the building.


We still ask that you wear a face mask when entering the premises and wash hands regularly, and please stick to recommended guidelines to ensure the prolonged health of yourselves and those around you.

Prevent Covid-19 from spreading

Wash your hands

Ensure you wash your hands properly with soap and warm water before you set out.

Wear a

Before to enter the building please ensure you are wearing a face mask properly.

Use hand sanitiser

Use the hand sanitiser we provide when you come into our building.

Keep your distance

Ensure you are socially distanced from all people in the building. We have marked areas.

No hand shacking

Please do not shake hands with other people or staff as this can spread the virus.